Say now, that guy looks familiar. Could it be? Why yes, that's just gotta be Fei Long! Err, we mean Bruce Lee. Or wait ... it's a different guy? Whatever the case may be, the hero of this game definitely reminds us enough of everyone's favorite legendary martial arts superstar to warrant a download. And that's more than enough reason for you to be interested in KungFu Warrior -- today's Free App of the Day!

Like all good martial arts revenge tales, this story involves a student and his master. One day, out of nowhere, our hero's Sensei was killed driving away a horde of bandits while protecting his village. You know what that means. The student must now become the master! And the best way to start doing that is to kick as much bandit butt as possible. That's where you come in!

Guide our Bruce Lee-like hero through 27 different levels, utilizing different combo attacks and power-up items to lay waste to any bandits silly enough to get in your way. Also, get ready for plenty of fun sound effects to add some spice to your moves. Those high-pitched yells are one of the best parts about old martial arts movies.

Don't study the art of Jeet Kune D'oh and miss out on this great deal. Show everyone your fists of fury and download KungFu Warrior today for your iPhone and iPad!

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