Most people celebrate a 50th anniversary with a few friends, maybe a bottle of expensive wine. Not Lamborghini.

For their 50th anniversary the Italian automaker has gone to levels extreme even for them—right to the edge of insanity and boldly beyond—creating a vehicle so absurdly powerful, so fantastically designed, and so outrageously priced that even the most jaded gearheads are turned into giggling school girls.

Imagine a vehicle capable of launching from standstill to 60 mph in a torque-ripping 3 seconds, on its way to its top speed of 220 mph. A vehicle Lamborghini says is designed to be as close as possible to a street legal Le Mans-quality race car. A vehicle that is proudly named for a Spanish fighting bull that killed a toreador in 1914 and powered by a fire-breathing 6.5-liter, 740-hp, V-12 married to a 7-speed automated manual transmission.

With permanent all-wheel drive and more carbon fiber than the space shuttle. All wrapped in a package that looks like a creature that would attack a spaceship in a Ridley Scott movie. With a price tag of $4 million. Yeah, that's how you celebrate 50 years in the business.

But before you go starting a Ponzi scheme to finance your Veneto, Lambo is only building 3 of these killer bulls—and all 3 are already bought and paid for. The entire limited edition run was sold out before the first piece of metal had even been stamped. The only other copy, the existing test model, is staying with Lambo, and they ain't selling. So your imagination is all you're gonna be left with.

Unless you find out who the two buyers are that live in the US, and become BFFs. And even then, you may only get to experience the passenger seat. Which is just fine by us.