If you think stepping on a Lego is painful, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

These fine lads from overseas (note the NSFW language) decided to channel their inner Jackass by taking part in something called the Lego treadmill challenge, which is as bad as you're probably thinking. That's because, yes, they walked -- and ran -- barefooted on a treadmill while their pals place the toys on the machine, making it a pedestrian landmine of sole destruction.

It's a vicious hell and maybe the worst thing that can happen to a person short of being stuck behind that knucklehead who still insists on paying by check at the supermarket (come on, it's 2016).

We support the Pokemon Go treadmill challenge, mostly because those characters are virtual and cannot hurt your feet in any way, although we suspect some bozo hunting them would walk right into a moving treadmill and bust up his shin because he's not paying attention.

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