Supermodel Lily Donaldson deserves a gold medal for her sexually charged performance as a furry in this bizarre "short film" for award-winning fashion site,

Drugs have to be involved here. We can't imagine pitching this to the certified '10' without some mind-bending, muscle-relaxing narcotics on hand. It's Instagram meets furries on an acid trip. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to what's being said.

If you want to stay focused on Lily's statuesque body and not the eery Satanic dialogue, you're best off hitting mute. Otherwise, you're bound to end up fearing and loathing in Las Vegas. If you're a furry enthusiast, you're probably scrambling for your Wile E. Coyote costume so you can hump your shag carpet. If you're not, you're probably looking into joining a local chapter.

Lily needs to replace Lee Corso and his mascot head predictions on ESPN College GameDay Live.

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