The league billing itself as "true fantasy football" finally brought the real life wet dream to Canada as open tryouts were held for the British Columbia Angels on Friday, March 23rd.

The LFL first announced their intentions to enter the Great White North in September 2011, but the new branch's teams weren't set until late February. The Regina Rage, Saskatoon Sirens, and aforementioned BC Angels will join the existing Toronto Triumph who make the jump out of the American branch.

The squads will play an eight-game schedule that will culminate with the Canadian Lingerie Bowl the day before the Grey Cup.

BC's games will be played in Abbotsford, which sparked controversy after a city councilor stated, "Abbotsford is a deeply religious agricultural community." To that guy, we have two words: Tim Tebow. Now, the LFL just has to find the female version.

They might not be far off - after seeing the tryouts, the commish called the candidates, ‘the most athletic group of ladies in LFL open tryout history’ and later tweeted, 'This was the greatest group of athletic women to ever compete at an LFL tryout, ever.'

We're just waiting for their version of The Winter Classic.

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