Now this is a real ladies man.

A man in China has some serious explainin' to do after he got into a car accident and his 17 girlfriends -- none of whom knew about each other -- came to visit him in the hospital when doctors made some phone calls to inform people what happened.

His injuries were minor, so you just know they paled in comparison to the hearts he broke in one fell swoop.

His relationship with each woman appears to have been at different stages, although several of them gave him money each month (presumably so he could spend it on someone else). One woman was planning a wedding with him, another had supported him for nine years, while yet another had a child with him:

We’ve already had a son together. What can I do now? I don’t love him any more, but I do love my son."

Seventeen girlfriends is remarkable. It's like he went speed dating and he picked everyone who picked him. We'd love to meet this guy and ask how he found the time to juggle all his ladies because while it may a tad bit cad-like, it's also pretty impressive that he could pull this off for so long.

The women you're romantically involved with should never be more than a fortnight, the number of eggs in a standard carton or nostrils in your nose. This guy, though, did not get the memo and we can only assume he'll pop up soon enough on China's version of Maury.