It is so hard to find good help these days.

Watch in disbelief horror shock, heck all of them -- disbelief, horror and shock -- as a maid in Kuwait slips some urine into a drink she made for her boss.

The family that employs the maid had begun to think she was up to no good, so it installed hidden cameras, which caught her right in the act.

Around the 40-second mark, you can see the maid get what looks like urine from under her clothing and then pour the special ingredient into the drink.

The head of the family said he was stunned at what he saw. Amazingly, it's unclear if the maid was fired. How is that even possible? What more does your maid have to do before you realize it's just not working out? Does she have to drop a deuce in your mashed potatoes and call it gravy?

Someone really needs to give this guy a wake-up call because the pee in his juice apparently wasn't enough of one.