The esteemed poet Jennifer Lopez once said "Love don't cost a thing."

Turns out she was way off.

An Australian man has slapped his ex-girlfriend with a $200,000 bill for all the money he spent on her during the course of their four-year relationship.

Bruce Dusting, 65, presented Maria Lacombe, 42, with the bill after she spurned his marriage proposal. Dusting says Lacombe led him on, but she claims they were never anything more than good friends after they met when he took dance classes from her.

Hmm, usually, when a dancer takes money from an older man, it's in the form of singles he wedges in her G-string.

Dusting says Lacombe bilked him out of funds to pay for a wide range of things, including Zumba classes, Tupperware, birthday parties, breast implants and a tummy tuck. If this isn't a case for Judge Mathis, what is?

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