Beer -- it's not just for drinking.

Nope, while the rest of the world is still talking about Budweiser's decision to change its name to America, the real story in the brewing world is taking place in China, where this unnamed lunatic lifted three cases of beer with his penis.

Sure, you've heard of double-fisting, but how about uni-balling?

He has a modest-sized loin cloth to cover his privates and swings the lager from his junk like Newton's cradle.

After a rigorous go-'round of nut sack beer case swinging, he probably needs to unwind with a tall cool one, but we'd have to think he's drinking alone. Knowing his manhood has been thisclose to ice cold refreshment makes even the most sophisticated of beers lose its appeal. And if he doesn't put on more clothes so he doesn't look like he's some sort of Greek citizen killing time at the acropolis, then you can definitely bet no one will want to drink with him.

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