They had the foundation for a good marriage. Then, she took off that foundation.

A man in the United Arab Emirates divorced his wife after he saw her without makeup for the first time. Who says beauty is skin deep?

The 34-year-old man, who did not want to be identified, went swimming with his wife, 28, and became horrified because her makeup washed away in the water and he no longer recognized her. In essence, this is the matrimonial version of meeting a girl on Tinder and then later realizing she looks nothing like her picture.

In addition, the husband felt deceived because, "He realized that not only did she wear a lot of makeup, she’d had cosmetic surgery and wore false eyelashes and colored contacts."

The wife had reportedly planned to tell her hubby about her appearance, but that's little solace now because he pursued the divorce immediately and has rejected any talk of reconciliation.

Our advice for this guy? Don't bother coming to the U.S. and looking for a wife in Hollywood because all the women out there have had work done.

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