Finding a trustworthy babysitter to hang out with your kid while you go out drinking can sometimes be a painstaking affair. However, if your version of Mary Poppins is nowhere to be found, it is best not to enlist the family dog as your child’s primary caregiver for the evening, as this may result in a visit from the local authorities.

That’s exactly what happened to a 41-year-old Florida man over the weekend. James Irvine was arrested early Saturday morning after leaving his pit bull to look after a 10-month-old baby while he got tanked up the road at a local bar.

According to the police report, Irvine’s girlfriend left her baby with him so that she could leave for work. When she got home, rather than find Irvine inside of the house taking care of the baby, she found him smashed out of his mind and trying to break into the garage.

Authorities say that before Irvine left for the bar, he put the baby in its room, shut the door and leashed the dog right outside it. In the man's defense, there was also a cat reportedly in the house that evening as well. For backup.