This couple has the best meeting story.

A British trucker met his wife after he sent a text to her number that was left in a bathroom stall by her ex-boyfriend.

Yeah, classy single dude seeking classy single lady wound up with the most fairy tale ending ever.

Mark Ellis, 51, spotted the number for Donna Roberts while doing his business in the stall at a local bar in Britain a few years back. It was accompanied by an inspirational message that said, "If you want a good shag, call Donna on..."

Perhaps turned off by the lack of options on online sites, speed dating, prostitution, blind dates, mail-order brides or just plain kidnapping, Ellis took a shot in the dark and fired off a text to a confused Roberts, who decided to write back (it's too bad Tinder didn't yet exist because you get the feeling this guy would've been all over that).

Ellis and Roberts wound up meeting a few days later and long story short they now have two children, ages eight and nine, who think they met when their dad texted their mom by mistake.

We wish we were there for their first anniversary. That's paper, so you know they exchanged rolls of Marcal.

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