A Washington Redskins fan will get to name his son after the team's quarterback, Robert Griffin III, by virtue of winning a bet with his pregnant girlfriend, who is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Redskins' fan Emanuel Vega and Cowboys' fan Marissa Pena of Tuscon, Ariz. made a beton the Redskins-Cowboys 2012 Thanksgiving Day game. While most people bet $5 or the wearing of a jersey, these folks went all-in: first-born child — winner gets to name their son after their favorite current player. Boom.

Pena chose 'Austin Miles Vega,' after Dallas wide receiver Miles Austin, while Vega chose 'Robert Griffin Vega,' or RGV, in tribute to Washington's rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III. The Redskins won 38-31. Vega was sweating the bet during the Cowboys' second-half comeback.

"…She started saying she would name it Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith, all these old Cowboys,” he recalled. “I would die if my son grew up to be a Cowboys fan. That’d be awful. I don’t even know how I’d feel.”

“If she’s gonna name him after a Cowboys player, there’s no doubt he would be a Cowboys fan. My son, as a Cowboys fan? I might have to disown him.”

It seems harsh, but serious sports guys will totally be on-board with this thinking. No Red Sox fan would want to take their son named Jeter Cano Smith to school every day; he'd shorten it to 'J.C.' in a millisecond. The Vega's son is due April 16.

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