This guy didn't pee in his pants when he got arrested. Nope, he sure didn't pee IN his pants.

We don't know the back story to this and, quite frankly, it may be better that we don't, although we can only guess he was busted for shoplifting Depends.

What is as clear as the stream coming out of this jailbound bird's weenie is that he urinates out of his pants like a fountain while police arrest him. Even the cops can't stifle their smiles. We hope that when the camera stopped rolling one of the boys in blue actually said to him, "Urine trouble!"

What's even better than the fact that this lawbreaker is relieving himself all over himself is that he's trash talking while doing it. That'd be like holding up a bank with a water pistol or trying to pick up a woman while wearing jorts -- there's just no way to take it seriously.