Tag Majid has his priorities in order. The 40-year-old father of three spent nearly $50,000 and a year of his life restoring a beat up, 1985 GMC Vandura, turning it into his very own 'A-Team'-style ride. We love it when a plan comes together.

According to The Sun, Majid, a U.K. resident, searched far and wide on the web looking for parts so that his van would be an exact replica of the original vehicle used on the series. Guess the kids didn't need help with homework?

Anyway, his tricked out ride features a 26-inch LCD TV, DVD player and sound system, which the proud owner utilizes to play the show's theme song on a loop. He deems the show "a timeless classic." Yeah, we love it too, but don't need to have the same wheels from the series.

We're shocked he didn't shell out some loot to pay Mr. T. to drive the van around.

Majid insists that his fanatical dedication is supported, as well as mocked, by locals. "The reaction has been amazing," he said. "We always get people shouting 'crazy fool' at us as we drive about town. You can see people stopping in amazement and saying, 'It's the A-Team van' as you go past. It does make you feel proud of your handy work."

He also claims, "It goes like a dream and my kids love getting a lift to school in it. Normally my eldest daughter won't be seen near me, but whenever I bring out the A-Team van she always asks for a lift to school in it." Okay, we guess it's justifiable if it makes him seem cool to his daughter.

The vehicle is also turning out to be an unexpected source of income for the family. Tag and his missus rent the ride out for weddings and parties. You know, for fellow children of the '80s. No less than 24 brides have booked the van to take them to their weddings.

Anyone planning on recreating MacGyver tool kits?

[Via The Sun]

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