Eric Smith was prepared to offer his girlfriend a very special ring fit with a stone of her favorite color – canary yellow. It would symbolize his dedication to her and the promise that he wasn't going anywhere. And then she dropped the bomb. Not only was she seeing someone else but she was in love with him too.


So what to do with the ring? At first he lied to his friends about it when they asked, but then decided he had to sell it. Sell it for something that he always wanted and would always warm his heart. A full scale, wearable replica of the Halo armor. Although it may take up too much space and be a pain to wear, it makes him happy.

I’d wanted the suit for so long, and after such epic heartbreak, receiving each piece of armor—arriving in seven shipments, over the course of eight months—became an unintentionally cathartic process. As the shoulders, forearms, chest-piece, and helmet arrived slowly, one section at a time… well, with each part I got a small piece of myself back.

We have all had our heart broken more than once in our lives. However, it takes a very special kind of heartbreak that makes a guy go out and buy a suit of armor based on his favorite video game. Let's hope that suit has enough room for his massive "grenades."

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