Two dudes found an abandoned five-story building in Whittier, Alaska. Like anyone would, they decided to take high quality video of one of them skiing down the cramped stairwells of the building and post it to Vimeo. You just have to click below to watch it:

The skier is Logan Imlach, while the videographer is Matt Wild. Their course is inside the long-abandoned Buckner Building in Whittier, Alaska, which closed after sustaining massive damage in a 1964 earthquake. As bad as it snows in Alaska, the snow didn't cover the stairwells in such a neat, densely-packed formation by itself; the guys packed the snow down so the run would be more seamless.

Imlach and Wild completed the feat in May of 2012, but the internet took some time to find their accomplishment and now it's viral.

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