When a man finds out his old lady has been banging someone else behind his back, the first thing he usually does is act like wild-eyed lunatic while trying to find out the identity of the SOB. There are some men who have a more of a non-traditional reaction to discovering that the woman they love is a backstabbing infidel.

Some men, like 25-year-old Sanjay, deal with the pain by climbing a tree and spending nine long months up there after walking in on his next door neighbor giving the sugar to his sweet baby love muffin. According to reports, Sanjay climbed a nearby guava tree near his home in Mumbai after his wife refused to apologize.

Cholapur police say that the man is still in the tree over what appears to be a domestic dispute and they cannot intervene because he has not committed any crime.

So far, Sanjay has been surviving on a strict diet of fruit from the tree and the bitter pill that appears to be lodged in the back of his throat. "He eats and sleeps on the tree and even relieves himself from there," said his sister.

Imagine parking your car under that tree.

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