Manti Te'o story and his fake girlfriend (pictured hugging above) transcends sports. Everyone wants the real story. So they go to the only credible news source available -- the internet.  

Here is the issue -- people can't even say Manti's name, so I know they're not spelling it right. The reason I know this is because the day Heath Ledger died one of the top Google searches as "Keith Ledger". That dude played The Joker and probably humped an Olsen twin and people didn't get his name right. It's because people are generally morons.

Here are some variations of Manti's name I assume someone, somewhere is searching.

Meat Into

Mantight Te'O

Mantle Teets

Nat Geo

Monty Tivo

Montim Tebow

Mankind Theo

That Football Player Kid Who Lied About His Dead Girlfriend He Never Met

Moat Nets

Mandy Patinkin

Man Tits

That last one is probably a popular search every day.