March Madness brackets and the crowning of an NCAA champion in men's basketball is important to a select few people. The crowning of the saddest thing that can happen to a man is much more vital to the our readers. We're just assuming. We're just kind of sick of talking about basketball. We're burned out and the tourney isn't even a day old.

Instead of arguing about basketball, sports and mascots we decided to get in touch with our feelings to find out just what makes us fellas super duper sad. Man boobs, girls that cry and our dogs kicking the bucket are all tear-inducing events, but which life occurrence really makes men weep?

We enlisted the help of the awesome Amy K. Nelson, Senior Correspondent over at SB Nation, to help us crown a winner in our demented March Sadness tournament. Amy was happy to oblige. She stopped by our studios, brought tea and a sultry smoker voice, and debated us on the melancholy moments that make men moist in the eyes.

Feel free to click on the photo above and fill out your own March Sadness bracket, so you can play along.

Ladies and's time for our 'One Shining Moment.'

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