After a long night of drinking, you may have trouble standing on your two feet, which makes this all the more challenging.

A McDonald's in North Wales has made a splash by opening a drive-thru lane for pedestrians who've had a lot (read: too much) to drink after a night at the bars.

The walk-thru opened last week as a test, but proved such a hit that it will remain there full-time. It operates 2:30-4:00 a.m. and is a separate lane from vehicles looking for a late night meal.

The walk-thru was created for people who partied at a club called Broadway that recently re-opened for business.

Despite the initial success of the innovation, don't expect it to come stateside anytime in the near future. McDonald's does not seem likely to add it to introduce it to other locations, although there is a restaurant in Savannah, Ga. that has one.

We can only have it has a McFlurry of activity.

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