Foodies everywhere are celebrating in caloric-rising joy that McDonald's has brought the McRib back.

But no one is as pumped up as this guy whose language is as blue as the meat is yellow (yes, there's a lot of NSFW language).

He doesn't celebrate with just one McRib. No, he decided to play chicken with the Grim Reaper with what he calls the "McRib Fat Stack" -- two slices of bread with 10 -- count 'em, 10 -- McRibs between them.

He then attacks his McRib Fat Stack with the kind of ferocity more fitting of someone who has actually never eaten any food ever in his lifetime. We'd love it if he got his cholesterol checked right after this. It would probably be the first time the number came back so large it had a comma in it.

Our hero then ultimately ends his video by saying he'll see us in five years. We're not sure if he's implying that's how long it feels like before the McRib will come back or if he's just guessing that's when he'll emerge from his food coma.