The Swedes -- They are good people.  Our friends from the Nordic north seem to do a lot of things well. Exhibits A-Z? Beautiful women from Greta Garbo to Malin Ackerman.  Ok, they do more than churn out stereotypically gorgeous light-hair, light-eyed actresses.  They also now churn out jaw-droppingly expensive underwear for men.

In April, Swedish brand RevolutionWear introduced Frigo No. 1, a high-end boxer-brief not to be confused with Mambo No. 5. You know how your girlfriend/fiance/wife/stranger-you-met-at-that-swanky-bar-that-one-time is sporting the latest in lingerie?  These $100 Underoos are your way of showing you also pay top dollar to hide your privates.

With a design that looks like something Batman wears under the Batsuit, these high-end boxers have an adjustable mesh pouch and vents on the lower back for aeration to let 'it' breathe.  Aside from RevolutionWear, other brands like Icebreakers have also gotten into the act, selling boxers at around $50.

So fellas, here's the question: would you spend $100 on a pair of high-performance underwear that's perfect for crop dusting?  One thing to keep in mind, though -- These things are made for comfort, not necessarily enhancement like Victoria's Secret does for women.

It ain't a push up, bra brah.