Gabriel Lopes' experience with Mercedes has not gotten off to a good start.

Video of Lopes freaking out when his new Mercedes caught fire after turning itself off earlier this month on a Portland, Ore., bridge has, well, caught fire. He's understandably upset -- so upset, in fact, that his voice reaches an octave that can make a dog roll over on its back and its ears stick up higher than the Empire State Building.

Lopes, who called 911 before recording the scene, purchased the used 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300, which had only 13,000 miles on it, a week earlier. He bought it for $42,000. Money that's not exactly well spent.

As the car went up in flames, Lopes melted down, explaining what he was feeling to The Oregonian:

Seeing your brand-new car blow up in front of you in less than nine minutes is horrific."

It's unclear what caused the explosion.

The car was among those included in a recall for a power steering issue, although the VIN for Lopes' car was not among them. As you may have guessed, the problem could cause fires.

Mercedes has promised Lopes a loaner while it investigates the matter, but he's not really too keen to try that. He's also waiting to see whether the company will pay him back for the price he paid for the vehicle.

If he doesn't get a refund, well, we can only imagine what octave he'll reach.

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