Here come the 'Men In Black' again. Yawn. Here comes Micaela Schaefer in a dress straight from Etsy (possibly Regretsy). Now we're awake!

Much like the 'Men In Black' routinely deal with alien invasions, spectators in attendance for the German premiere of the flick were treated to a close encounter of the topless kind -- courtesy of the gorgeous German model.

Schaefer landed on the red carpet premiere wearing nothing but a necklace and long, black garbage bag strips or possibly VHS tape either to pay homage to the tentacled creatures in the film or in an attempt to bring back Jacobim Mugatu's Derelicte fashion line from 'Zoolander.'

Extraterrestrial models of the universe, please know that these kinds of stunts are always appreciated.  Three-boobed woman from 'Total Recall' are next.