This is not what athletes mean when they say they left everything they had out there.

Travis Walford lost his MMA match against Daniel Cooper last Saturday in West Virginia and then pooped all over the canvas in the cage. You could say it was a crappy fight (lame joke, but we couldn't resist). As you may have already figured out, this is a GROSS video, so watch at your own discretion.

When Walford gets up, he starts to leave a trail of excrement behind and below him that you don't need Encyclopedia Brown to figure out came from his tushy.

(So, to recap: he lost the fight, pooped in public and had it all caught on camera. We say his day was still better than the poor fella tasked with cleaning up the dookie.)

The woman shooting the video eventually realizes what's happening and speaks for all of humanity when she eloquently says, "Oh my god, I'm gonna throw up." She then gets a close-up of the poo for reasons we'd rather not know before zooming in on Walford, who will probably never live this down.

Perhaps he ought to consider taking up sumo wrestling, since those guys basically just wear enormous diapers.

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