Last week we discussed the problem that the WWE locker room has had with Vince McMahon using part-timers (Brock Lesnar, The Rock, The Undertaker) to up the amount of WrestleMania buys.

The Rock has been their champion since the first PPV of the 2013, Royal Rumble, and has since appeared on WWE TV sparingly. The Rock then appeared on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" during the Road to WrestleMania without the WWE Title, while also snubbing the company/wrestling by not saying a word about either. Things became even more awkward when The Rock no-showed the WWE Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden this past Saturday, in which Mick Foley was inducted.

Now comes news that The Rock was supposed to be on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, but decided to fly back to California instead. Whatever plans WWE had for The Rock at WrestleMania XXX seem to be out the window, and the creative team is scrambling to fill in the blanks during tonight's episode of Raw.

This all plays right into our predictions for tonight's episode of Raw, as The Rock didn't make the cut. Stephanie McMahon had just announced this weekend that The Rock was going to be the cover athlete for WWE 2K14, and I wonder if this news effects that deal.

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