There are three things that we like as boys growing up, and appreciate and love as men -- motorcycles, models and watches. Now an artist in Toronto has combined his love for all three things into some of the most creative motorcycle models you'll ever see.

Dailymail has an article on Dan Tanenbaum, who uses various parts from up to 50 different vintage watches to create his motorcycle masterpieces. Each piece takes him 40 - 50 hours to do and fetch huge prices in the UK and the rest of world. Tanenbaum's models are beautiful and would make any watch, motorcycle or model fan happy.

"When I was first starting motorcycle fans would guide me through each build and now if I get an order, depending on the quality of the pictures I am sent, I can build it."

Dan keeps fans updated on his work through his Facebook page. He's been building these model motorcycles since 2010 and got the idea while he was collecting vintage timepieces. Each motorcycle is around six to eight inches in length and three to five inches high. The detail on each of the bikes is pretty incredible and as long as Dan has watch parts, he can make whatever kind of bike you're looking for.

"I do have people asking if they can turn their grandmother's watch into a bike but each piece is made from parts from up to 50 watches."

Each watch goes for around 700 Euro (or about $858 U.S. dollars) but the price is well worth it for the uniqueness and detail that you're getting with each one-of-a-kind creation. Head on over to Dan's Facebook page for more information on how to request your own watch motorcycle model masterpiece. There several more images on Dailymail's website. Click HERE to check them out.

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