Chicago Blackhawks' fans are always into the game, from the national anthem to the final horn.

Each home game, the Blackhawks have a multi-tiered "Shoot the Puck" competition which challenges celebrities and fans to shoot the puck into the goal from center ice. The catch: the net is totally blocked save for a few small slots.

Former A-Team and 'Rocky III' star Mr. T, a Chicago legend, was the contestant at Wednesday's game between the Blackhawks and the Calgary Flames. Because he's Mr. T (and perpetually awesome), he scored. Watch the video above, fool!

After scoring on the last of his three shots, Mr. T advanced to the second tier, with only one slot cut into the goal mouth. Mr. T couldn't repeat his goal-scoring feat, but who cares? The crowd ate the moment up enough to make us believe that if the Blackhawks signed the 60-year-old Mr. T as an enforcer, he'd give them some quality minutes.

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