Summer vacation is the greatest time in a kid's life. No school. No bullies. No teachers. No worries. 

Wrong. There were always things to ruin even the most perfect summer.

Here are 21 things that ruined your summer, every summer, and some stuff that still pisses us off as adults.

  • Seeing a Teacher

  • Back To School Commercials in July

  • Poison Oak

  • Best Friend Goes to Camp

  • Summer Reading Assignments

  • Murderer Terrorizes Your Camp

  • Summer Love Loves Someone Else

  • Going to Bed And It's Still Light Out

  • It Rains on Your Only Trip

  • Summer Jobs

  • Getting Hurt the First Day of Vacation

  • Summer Reruns

  • Summer School

  • Wicked Sunburn

  • Air Conditioning Breaks

  • Record Heatwaves

  • You Miss Your Ride to the Beach

  • Damn Mosquitoes

  • Adults Only Swim at Public Pool

  • Missing the Ice Cream Man

  • Parents Call Every Hour to See 'What You're Doing'