Nadia Lanfranconi, an aspiring singer/model/actress, is rumored to be dating our favorite crazy ‘Lethal Weapon’ star not named Danny Glover (or Joe Pesci or Chris Rock), Mel Gibson.

Mel has reportedly denied the rumors, but he and Lanfranconi have been photographed spending a lot of time together recently. So who is this brunette babe, and where have you seen her before?

Lanfranconi is a Lake Como, Italy native. She reportedly moved to the states five years ago and started modeling for small companies and appeared on the cover of D.A.M. magazine in 2008.
You may have also seen Lanfranconi during her gust spot on NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ She’s also appeared in a number of go-nowhere indie flicks and shorts as well as the TV show ‘1000 Ways to Die.’

So what do ya think? Is Nadia a step up from Mel’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva?

Nadia Lanfranconi Photos
Nadia Lanfranconi Collage

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