Woman can make anything look good. This is particularly true when said women are either displaying their rack loudly and proudly, or just plain nude. Remember when Coco made Hurricane Sandy look awesome? We rest our case. These days, the Chinese are jumping on the bandwagon, using babes of the naked variety to sell cars. We can't believe it took this long for them to finally respond to our letter-writing campaign.

It's becoming increasingly common in China to use naked women as a ploy to get people interested in certain automobiles. These events are called "breast milk exhibitions," which sounds really unsexy if you ask us, but hey -- it seems to be working.

The strategy is pretty simple: car companies employ topless or full on butt-naked women to casually walk around auto shows and bring attention to the massive honkers. You know, the horns. On the cars. Strangely enough, the Chinese government has gotten pretty ticked off about the whole thing. They claim the ladies are getting more press than the actual cars, which is really weird, because we would've never seen that coming. How bizarre.

We knew the Chinese were smart, but using bare butts and big boobs as a selling tactic is a new level of genius. If we were car shopping with naked women around, hell-- we'd buy the whole lot! Now we just have to wait for the trend to trickle down to the used Kia dealership down the block with the "Bad Credit? No Problem!" banner, because that's really our only option, if we're being realistic.

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