2k Games spent countless hours crafting NBA 2k13 into a modern day video game juggernaut. Too bad they didn't use some of that time of proofreading.

The developers of NBA 2k13 maintain a very close relationship with the NBA, and rightfully so. The reigning king of the basketball simulation has raised virtual dribbling and shooting to an art form, earning massive sales numbers and the approval of His Airness in the process.

In fact, the game enjoys such a sterling reputation that the NBA has no problem forking over its new uniforms designs for in-game use, well in advance of their actual public unveiling. NBA fans have already been treated to computer-generated versions of the new Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks threads. So naturally, early screenshots of the new Oklahoma City Thunder alternate uniforms got people pretty jazzed up.

The jerseys themselves are fresh, providing the young franchise with a retro look to go along with its new-school roster. Still, we're pretty sure that a fifth-grader could've caught the typo on virtual Kevin Durant's torso. "Thud" may have been the sound of a Russell Westbrook brick in last year's NBA Finals, but it's probably not what the franchise had in mind for its new look.

Worry not, Thudner fans. The good folks behind NBA 2k13 will have the mistake fixed shortly. In the meantime, keep in mind that a little spelling mistake won't stop Kevin Durant from dropping 40 points on you every night.

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