Nobody likes a nag, but then again, nobody likes it when their stomach is so round that they've run out of holes on their belt.

A new eating utensil that has been on display at this week's International CES in Las Vegas uses the power of constant persuasion to keep waistlines slim. How does it work?  According to the makers of HAPIfork, it is optimal to have between 60 and 75 lifts during a 20 to 30 minute meal. Sensors in the fork can figure out when it's being lifted to the mouth. If it senses you're eating too fast it blinks and vibrates. Research suggests that when you eat slowly you eat less but still feel full.

You can also use the device to upload data about your eating habits to your phone or computer.

What the HAPIfork doesn't do, however, is determine what you are actually eating. Meaning you can easily beat the technology by chowing down on deep-fried pudding or cheese-stuffed meat.

Of course your reward for that victory will be never seeing your feet.

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