There are a lot of really boring millionaires, but we've found an awesome one. You know we can tell? Because he made us a treasure hunt.

82-year-old Forrest Fenn is sick of Americans being couch potatoes. In an effort to create a little adventure for us non-millionaires, he has created a treasure hunt with real treasure worth millions.

Three years ago, Fenn buried a chest in the mountains north of Santa Fe, containing millions of dollars worth of gold coins, diamonds, emeralds, and various other gems. His goal was to get people out into the wilderness to explore, like he's spent seven decades of his life doing. Fenn is a life-long collector of old relics, a treasure hunter and an adventurer.

On the 'TODAY' show, he put out a call to action: "Get your kids out in the countryside, take them fishing and get them away from their little hand-held machines." Shortly after the 'TODAY' show aired Fenn's site crashed, due to an onslaught of traffic.

The nine clues provided to help you find Forrest Fenn's treasure are in a poem that appears at the end of his self-published memoir entitled 'Thrill of the Chase,' which also contains a weird map. Here's a sample clue from the poem:

"Begin it where warm waters halt, and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk."

If you're worried that this sounds like a scam or a way to sell books, think again: Fenn has donated all of the books to the only bookstore where it's available for purchase, and isn't making a dime off of this project.

So what's the motivation? He buried the chest after being given a cancer diagnosis that he was told would be a death-sentence. Much like the rest of his life though, Fenn conquered the challenge and is still kicking.

Want to join the hunt? Check out this resource page. Many who have pored over the language Fenn uses believe that the treasure is not buried, but under some sort of water.

We'll see you out there -- you bring scuba gear, we'll bring our amazing "Old Prospector" imitation. You're gonna love it for the first five minutes.

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