Should strippers be tax exempt? In New York that's not as ridiculous as it seems, as the state doesn't levy taxes on "dramatic or musical arts performances."

Arguing that a regulation which was written for ballerinas should also apply to the more naked musical interpretations of lap dancers, Latham, New York strip club Nite Moves took their case to the state court of appeals.

The argument was shot down, but by a razor thin 4 to 3 margin. Suggesting, that with a slightly different composition of judges, New York state may eventually put strippers in the same tax class as ballerinas.

So what does that mean for you, the lover of exposed mammaries that happens to be in New York state? Probably nothing, as it's doubtful strip club proprietors will pass much of their state tax savings on to their customers if and when this does happen. And do you really want the glittery, pleasant smelling young lady you are paying to gyrate in your lap to think of herself as a "choreographed artistic performer?"

It was working so well when we all just pretended she was a struggling college student.