Amazon is big business and this morning newsman thinks he knows why.

After his co-anchor read a story that the website is worth more than Walmart, this guy working for Nevada's KTVN decided to let viewers in on the secret why:

You know why? Because they sell sex toys, and Walmart can’t or won’t sell sex toys. Amazon does. A friend of mine works in one of the warehouses, and he says they sell a ton of them."

His explanation is fantastic, but what really makes this so laugh out loud funny is his partner's reaction. She's got that look on her face that says, "I can't believe these words are coming out of his mouth. I guess I can't use today's show in my reel and I'm never going to go to a bigger market or reach network and I'll be stuck next to this sex-mongering conspiracy theorist for the rest of my career."

Yeah, she manages to convey all of that in one simple expression and then summons up all her horror by reminding him that the audience is "trying to eat breakfast."

Something tells us they're probably going to ask to swap names if they get the other in this year's secret Santa.

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