You know the expression, "Never tie a firecracker to your nipple and set it off," right? Right?

Well, this Asian kid decided to ignore the popular cliche and give it a try, anyway.

It just goes to prove that getting that 1980s Joey Lawrence bowl cut is the second worst decision this kid has made in recent memory.

He unleashes a torrent of words which we can't understand, but would be willing to bet translates to something along the lines of "OH, THIS HURTS!!!!" followed by a string of four-letter words we can't print here.

We have no idea how hurt he was, but we can say that this was a bad idea. Anytime you're a preteen boy and look like you're pumping breast milk before launching fireworks off your chest you can be sure bad things will follow.

Come to think of it, that may be a new expression.

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