Saturday's World Baseball Classic game between Mexico and Canada featured one of the longest and most violent brawls that you'll ever see in a baseball game, but no players will be suspended as a result of the melee.

Seven players were ejected, but World Baseball Classic officials decided that no players will be further disciplined for their role in the brawl.

With Canada comfortably ahead 9-3 in the ninth inning, Canadian catcher Chris Robinson bunted for a base hit against Mexico's Arnold Leon. Earlier in the game, Robinson had gotten rolled at home plate by Mexico's Karim Garcia. Robinson responded with a few hard slides and the bunt, which some of the Mexican team may have considered piling-on with a six-run lead. However, runs scored is a WBC tie-breaker, so Robinson could have been playing for the additional runs.

After the bunt, Leon then threw inside at Canadian outfielder Rene Tosoni, and both benches were warned. Leon hit Tosoni in the middle of the back with the next pitch anyway, causing a long, violent fight between the teams and coaching staffs.

There was additional incriminating video showing that third baseman Luis Cruz of Mexico suggested that Leon hit the next batter after the Robinson bunt. He pointed to his ribs while returning the ball to Leon after fielding the bunt.

After the fight, Leon, Alfredo Aceves, Oliver Perez and Eduardo Arredondo of Mexico and Tosoni, Pete Orr and Jay Johnson of Canada were ejected. A Canadian coach was hit in the face with a water bottle thrown from the stands. Canada's Larry Walker was animatedly gesturing at several fans who were antagonizing the Canadians.

Canada (1-1) will play Team USA (1-1) on Sunday, while Mexico has been eliminated.

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