President Barack Obama finally addressed the question that has perplexed the entire nation for day: Which teams will make the Final Four? Obama chose Indiana, Louisville, Ohio State and Florida to advance to the national semifinals of the 2013 NCAA Tournament in Atlanta. The president selected Indiana over Louisville in the national championship game.

"I'm going with Louisville. I know it's not a surprise pick. And I'm going with Indiana. These are the two best teams right now, and for the championship I'm going back to the Big Ten. I think this is Indiana's year," Obama said on the taped segment aired Wednesday on ESPN.

It was the fifth consecutive year that Obama filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament, a nod to the national obsession with predicting which teams will win the games of "March Madness." He predicted North Carolina would be the national champion in 2012, but they were defeated in the regional final by Kansas. Obama correctly picked the NCAA tournament champ only once during his presidency - North Carolina in 2009.

Obama also filled out a full women's 2013 NCAA bracket, choosing Baylor, California, Connecticut and Notre Dame to advance to New Orleans. The president completed both brackets before leaving for a Middle East trip. We assume Air Force One has cable.