Patriots' wide receiver Chad Ochocinco had every reason to be upset after his SUV was broken into and he had his wallet, credit cards, license and iPod stolen. But what got Ochocinco really upset was the loss of something else -- his Starbucks gold card.

And the coffee company has decided to reimburse him after the story went viral.

"I earned the gold card," Ochocinco said in a video he posted on his Twitter account. "You know how many coffees I've had to drink and lemon loafs I've had to purchase to get to that gold card? I had $220 left on my Starbucks card. Not just any Starbucks card, but a gold Starbucks card."

"I feel like I'm about to tear up," Ochocinco added.

Watch Ochocinco's appeal:

After Ochocinco got his wallet, credit cards, and license back later in the day, he was still torn up over the Starbucks gold card that was missing from his possessions.

Maybe this all explains his terrible season with the Patriots -- too much lemon loaf.

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