When 17-year-old Chuck Shriner crossed the stage to pick up his high school diploma on Saturday, he took a knee and Tebow-ed the principal. The stunt got him a lot of laughs and applause from the parents and students in attendance, but it also got him a day of janitorial duty -- and he left without his diploma.

Tebowing, for those of you new to our planet, is the action of publicly dropping to one knee in prayer, popularized by religiously-devout New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow during his college days at the University of Florida. It's turned into a full-on meme in the past year or so, with people Tebowing just about everywhere you can imagine.

So when Shriner's buddies dared him to do it during his graduation ceremony, he was quick to agree, saying "I just thought it was fun. I was just doing it to make graduation memorable."

It definitely did that. Despite the warm reception the stunt got from people in the high school gym that day, Shriner's apparently humorless principal denied him his diploma, and he got stuck cleaning the gym on Monday.

"They said what I did would give underclassmen inspiration to do something else, that it might lead to something else," Shriner said. "So they were trying to set an example."

The worst part? The day of custodial duty was all his mom's idea. Shriner's mother is a math teacher at the school, and she's the one who masterminded his punishment. She also took possession of his diploma.

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