The golden rule when dealing with service workers is to be kind, especially to those that handle your food. You never know what they'll add as "secret sauce."

In this case, spit would be a much better fate. An Indonesian maid must have had a horrific boss, since she took things a step further, mixing her menstrual blood into her employer's cup of Joe. Make that a hot cup of Flo!

Now that you've likely barfed up your last meal while reading that nugget of info, here's the rest of the story:  The maid will plead guilty to the crime, which occurred last summer, according to MSN.

Guess her employer offers a lousy salary or makes her work super long hours? Still, that's no excuse for replacing cream and sugar with a different kind of female juice.

Guess she just created the new (and caffeinated) version of a Bloody Mary.

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