Yes, road rage seems to be spreading with the ferocity of ebola, except ebola may not be as cruel.

This latest example of a driver completely flipping out on a fellow motorist with a kid in tow took place in Hawaii. Hawaii! That’s about the most relaxing place on Earth, which just goes to prove that the Hawaii we see as tourists is vastly different from the Hawaii experienced by natives.

This woman unleashes a torrent of NSFW hate and is reduced to the grade school system of picking on the man because he's fat. And remember her son is in the car with her. You think you were embarrassed when you had to go out in public with your mom while growing up? Imagine how this poor kid feels, knowing his mom is doing her best Bob Knight impersonation.

It’s unclear what led to this ugly confrontation, but it appears the man cut her off. That wasn’t caught on camera, so it’s hard to really sympathize with her. And we all know if it isn’t caught on camera, it’s hard to take a stand. Right, Roger Goodell?