First Christina Hendricks naked and now Olivia Munn naked pictures have hit the internet? Ladies, ladies let's calm down. There is enough internet space for everyone to naked.

Olivia Munn naked is the dream of every geek, nerd and normal guy and that dream could be a reality, if these pictures are real. The safe pictures are in this post and the NSFW photos are right here. Trust us, she looks even better without her clothes, but those bikini photos are pretty darn hot. We now forgive her for that horrible sitcom. Both Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn have come out and said that their phones were hacked but those naked pictures aren't real. Kind of a hard sell.

The real question is "what did the world do to deserve Christina Hendricks naked and Olivia Munn naked pictures on the same day?!?" We will do it again. Daily. We promise.

What do you think? Are these photos of Olivia Munn naked legit? Are these pictures of Christina Hendricks naked legit? IS THIS THE GREATEST DAY EVER?!?!



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