New York City native Olivia Thirlby first crossed our radar playing Ellen Page’s snarky best friend in ‘Juno.’ The 25-year-old actress’ career has taken off since then, and she’s appeared in several different projects, from indie films and TV shows to big budget Hollywood releases.

Thirlby will co-star in one of our most anticipated upcoming action movies of the year, ‘Dredd,’ the future set comic book flick starring ‘Star Trek’ actor Karl Urban as the title character, Judge Dredd. Thirlby dyed her brunette locks to blonde play badass ‘Dredd’ character Judge Anderson, who has psychic powers in the comics.

Her recent films include the Russian sci-fi action flick ‘The Darkest Hour,’ HBO’s ‘Bored to Death,’ and ‘No Strings Attached,’ in which she co-starred with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

Her film debut was in the tense Paul Greengrass drama ‘United 93.’ Thirlby later earned critical acclaim for her performance in the award-winning 2008 indie ‘The Wackness’ and headed up the cast of the 2007 Japanese thriller ‘The Secret.’

Vanity Fair named Thirbly part of ‘Hollywood New Wave’ in 2008 along with Blake Lively, Amanda Seyfried and Kristen Stewart.


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