It's official - this has been one of the hottest summers on record. That calls for ice cream all day every day. The best way to consume the tasty treat - and impress hippie chicks - is via cone. As long as you eat fast enough to avoid waste but slow enough to avoid brain freeze. So, it would make sense to apply that same shrewdness to other incredible edibles. Like pizza.

Some eaters like to nosh straight up. Others, like us, fold their slices. Either way, there's a high probability you'll lose the greasy goodness onto your plate. That's why the forward thinking stinkers at Pizzacraft developed Pizza Cones which allow you to cut dough, wrap it around a cone mold, bake it, fill it with 'toppings' and bake again to gooey, bubbly bliss.

We're thinking of opening our own pizza / ice cream parlor called 'The Cone Zone.' There'd be nothing but Coneheads sketches and highlight reels of All-Star pitcher David Cone playing over the flat screens. If you can make it around our obstacle course without hitting an orange traffic cone, the cone's on us. Our restrooms will also be equipped with Magic Cone - the disposable funnel that allows ladies to urinate while standing up. CONE ZONE!

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