If you're looking for a high tech, 21st century alternative to a classic hip flask, your time may well have come. We all know you've been waiting. At least waiting doesn't seem as long when you're drunk.

The PocketShot is a cocktail in a pouch. You've probably seen these durable plastic pouches used to deliver applesauce to babies and energy drinks to ravers, but this is the only company using the technology to deliver refreshing booze. PocketShots comes in such delectable flavors as vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and eventual DUI and was inspired by seeing migrant workers in South Africa buy cheap grain alcohol in plastic sheaths.

The website is pretty incredible, with lines like "Now adults with an active lifestyle have a brand new way to enjoy their favorite hard liquor, in a safe, environmentally-friendly way." Because if there is one thing a drunk worries about it's Mother Earth.

The big problem we see with these things is that you're not going to get your swag on with just one cocktail. You're going to have to tote a few around at least and you're going to run out of pockets. Oh you're still wearing cargo pants? Well how 2002 of you.

[Via PocketShot]

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