Not since peanut butter merged with jelly to create a monopoly over the lunchboxes of every child between kindergarten and sixth grade has a food combination caused such a ruckus.

San Diego's Donut Bar has introduced Pop-Tart donuts, or what is called the Big Poppa Tart donut. An entire Pop-Tart is wedged into a donut, much like your gut is wedged into your too small-fitting pants after you eat one.

First of all, this looks delicious. There is no disputing that. Second of all, you need to know that you are probably voluntarily shedding eight minutes from your lifespan by eating this and another two simply by looking at it. There's no way something called the Big Poppa Tart has any nutritional value. We don't have the science to back this up, but we can only imagine when two foods with this much sugar and five-syllable ingredients come together, it cannot possibly do any body any good.

Of course, the Donut Bar makes no apologies. After all, this is an establishment that also peddles a maple bacon donut, a Nutella donut, an Oreo stuffed donut and French toast donut. We're guessing the broccoli and cauliflower donut is not coming anytime soon.