Okay, look, we really need to fix the healthcare industry.

This guy let another dude pull out a tooth with a pair of pliers. Perhaps it's a step above having a dentist in a van, perhaps it's not. Either way, you probably shouldn't be getting any kind of dental procedure, no matter how big or small -- on your porch with a tool that you can purchase at Ace Hardware.

And while we're criticizing this fella, let's be sure to commend his being a bonehead in the presence of a child, who will no doubt grow up thinking he can get a liver transplant with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver, a wrench and a level. Not only does this guy agree to pull a tooth with a tool in front of a kid, but he's also smoking and unleashes a torrent of "F" bombs. Way to go, buddy -- you're a real role model.

We'll see you in your next video when you're getting a used Bose speaker in your trachea installed by a Best Buy employee after all that nicotine you've sucked down.